Marin Bikes

    At GovVelo, we provide hassle-free, convenient means of purchasing Marin Bikes online, anywhere in the country. The folks at Marin Bikes are big fans of mountain biking, helped pioneer tremendous advancements in the field, and emphasize performance in each of their designs.

    The Marin Rift Zone line of bikes are performance-minded, short-travel, 29-inch trail bikes, and the Marin Hawk Hill line of mountain bikes deliver high-performance, in a 27.5 inch package, for added agility. With the MultiTrac suspension system, these bikes have proven themselves time and time again, earning multiple editor’s choice awards over the years.

    Marin Bikes also provide numerous other bicycles lines for commuting, dirt jumping, and more. Browse our selection of Marin Bikes for sale today—learn firsthand why their innovative designs receive as much praise as they have.