Arrived here looking how you can become part of our team?
You're in the right place, but fair warning, you need to be a rockstar at what you do, work hard, and love all things bikes.

Think you're awesome enough that we should just make a position for you?
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Marketing Wizard


  • Roadie, mountain biker, gravel grinder (or all of the above) who’s also a killer marketer.
    • You need to be able to create and manage social media ads that have great ROAS.
    • You love working in a startup culture and know what it means to bootstrap and wear multiple hats.
    • You understand Facebook’s Ad platform and Google Ads backwards and forwards.
  • Available at least 20 hours a month on a consistent weekly basis.
    • Get us to where we want to be and you’ve got yourself a full-time job from wherever in the world you want to work.

Where you work matters not to us, whether it’s a sunny beach, a coffee shop, or your personal pain cave, as long as you can deliver the results we’re looking for. The better you do your job, the faster we grow, the more work we have for you.

Think you've got what it takes to run our daunting interview gauntlet?  Send an email to with what you think is going to get our attention and make you stand out (this can be a resume, portfolio, or whatever you think is going to tell us we should take you seriously).