Ready-To-Ride In 10 Minutes or Less

Your new bike arrives ready to ride in 10 minutes or less. Just install your front wheel, set your bars, set your seatpost, put on your favorite pedals and it's time for adventures, PRs, or just plain fun!

Built By Us

Every bike we sell is completely built by us before leaving. This way we can fully inspect your new bike, verify that everything is functioning as it should be, and nothing is missing. Once you receive your new bike, only very minor final assembly is required. This typically consists of mounting the front wheel, handlebar, and seatpost, all of which are reference marked and detailed in the included instructions.

Tuned & Tested

Building a bike is one thing, but we also thoroughly tune your new ride from end to end. Our list is long and varies with the components your bike is equipped with, but some of the items on our list include: derailleur hanger alignment, derailleur, brake, and suspension adjustments.

Once your new ride is built and tuned, we test ride it to make sure everything is still operating as expected under load. If anything isn’t quite right, it’s back to tuning and then testing again. Only when everything is perfect do we prep your bike for shipment.


The last piece we do is make sure your bike arrives safely. This means protecting it and packing it properly for a safe trip in the hands of our shipping partners. We include all the tools you need for things like handlebars and seatpost installation with your new bike, along with instructions that actually make sense, unlike flat pack furniture assembly instructions from a particular Swedish brand.

In the very unlikely event you do need some help, just drop us a line. Our experts are here to help!