Pioneer Bluetooth Dual Leg Power Meter Factory Install Kit


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    Knowledge. Efficiency. Power.
    Know more about your ride than ever before with Pioneer Power Meters. Measure your performance and get the most out of your training. Pioneer gives you the power to get better, faster.

    • Compatible with DURA-ACE 9100 & ULTEGRA R8000 cranksets
    • Ship existing crank to Pioneer for factory installation and calibration
    • Bluetooth Connectivity to Cyclo-Sphere Control App for easy set-up, maintenance and real-time Force Vector Viewer


    B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Crank)

    Already own a Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 or Ultegra R8000 crankset? No problem, Pioneer’s BYOC program provides a Buy It, Ship It, Ride It program for a simple and affordable dual leg power meter solution. Simply pack your crankset in the customized shipping box, register your crankset on-line, print your pre-paid shipping label and drop the kit in the mail. Once received at Pioneer’s Cycle Installation Center, they’ll keep you updated during the installation process and ship your completed dual leg power meter back in 5 – 7 business days.

    Your Most Powerful Weapon

    Pioneer Power Meters are an essential weapon for any serious cyclist. Know more about your ride than ever before with the first and only power meter that measures the output and pedaling stroke efficiency of each leg, in real time. Pioneer delivers advanced precision and accuracy with force detection in 24 locations - almost 400 times per rotation. Make on-the-fly adjustments and be confident that you’ve got the information you need to better your technique and efficiency at your fingertips.

    Superior Connectivity

    Connect your Pioneer Power Meter via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone and Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere Control App for Android or iPhone to make installation and setup a breeze. Manage everything from mode switching to the latest firmware updates easily and intuitively. Direct connection to your smart trainer is also possible via ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy.

    Unrivaled Pedal Power

    Want the advanced knowledge that comes with precision measurement? The Pioneer Power Meter measures force and direction every 30 degrees - that’s a dozen times every revolution! When used with a Pioneer or Wahoo® ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT cycle computers, you’ll see graphically displayed force vectors in real time. Make immediate adjustments to your pedal stroke and get better, faster.

    Pedaling Monitor Advanced Integration

    Fully compatible with Pioneer and Wahoo ELEMNT and ELEMNT BOLT cycle computer, the Pioneer Power Meter Pedaling Monitor System shows precise pedaling efficiency and power metrics for each leg, in real time. The force vector graph displays power utilization and loss for each pedal stroke, so you always know your exact output.

    Cyclo-Sphere Simplicity

    Installation and setup are a breeze with the Pioneer Cyclo-Sphere Control App. Manage everything - power meter functions, mode switching, magnet calibration, zero calibration, pedal copy and firmware updates simply with our intuitive iPhone or Android interface. It really doesn’t get any easier.

    Dependable Durability

    The folks at Pioneer know you’re out there pushing yourself – so they made sure Pioneer Power Meters are dependable, durable and built to resist the harshest conditions. Their products are tested to exceed the performance standards of the world’s toughest users – professional cycling teams and triathletes. With superior battery life and a lightweight but robust design, dust and water don’t stand a chance.

    Know More

    Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere Analysis PC tool and app give you more post-ride analytics than ever before. Bluetooth connection from the SGX-CA600 cycle computer provides immediate analysis on the go while direct Bluetooth connection from the power meter provides real-time force vector display and power data right on your mobile device. Using rider sites like STRAVA® or Training Peaks®? No problem. Cyclo-Sphere uploads your numbers at the touch of a button. Get the whole picture – always.


    Key Features

    Included Crankset N/A
    Crank Arm Length Options (mm) DuraAce R9100 - 165 - Compact and Standard Only / 167.5 - Compact & Standard only / 170 / 172.5 / 175 / 177.5 - Standard only / 180 - Standard only. Ultegra R8000 - 165 / 170 / 172.5 / 175
    Chainring Options Compact / Mid / Standard
    Left and Right Arm Strain Guages Yes
    12-Point Force Direction Measurement Yes
    Dual Accelerometers per Crank Arm Yes
    Pioneer Pedaling Monitor Mode For use with Pioneer Cycle Computers
    Bluetooth Transmission For use with Cycle Computers, Smart trainers, Cyclo-Sphere Control App
    ANT+™ Transmission For use with ANT+ Cycle Computers
    Discrete L/R Zero Calibration Memory Yes
    Accuracy +/- 2%
    Chainring Exchangeable (Shimano only) Yes

    Pioneer Power Mode with Pioneer Cycle Computer

    Independent L/R & Total Power Yes
    Independent L/R & Total Power Loss Yes
    Independent L/R Force Direction Yes
    Independent L/R Torque Yes
    Independent L/R & Total Pedaling Efficiency Yes
    Independent L/R Torque Effectivenes Yes
    Independent L/R Pedal Smoothness Yes
    ANT+ Power Metrics Yes
    Accumulated Stress Yes
    Work Yes

    ANT+ Power Mode with ANT+ Computer

    Total Power Yes
    L/R Power Balance Yes
    L/R Power Averages Yes
    Power % of FTP Yes
    Torque Effectivenes Yes
    Pedal Smoothness Yes
    Cadence Yes
    Normalized Power Yes
    Intensity Yes
    Interval Intensity Yes
    Power watts/kg Yes
    Power Zone / Level Yes

    After Ride Analysis

    Cyclo-Sphere Yes
    .FIT File Converter Yes
    STRAVA Auto Forward Yes
    TrainingPeaks® Auto Forward Yes
    TrainingPeaks WKO+® Yes


    Cyclo-Sphere Control App Set-Up and Maintenance Mode Switch / Copy / Zero Cal. / Magnet Cal./ Firmware Update
    Cyclo-Sphere Control App Live Pedaling Viewer IOS & Android / Force Vector / Power L & R / Balance L & R / Cadence
    Wide Road-Bike Frame Compatibility*3 Yes
    Patch Magnets x2
    Alternate Arm Magnets x2
    User Replaceable Batteries Yes
    LED Mode Indicator Yes
    Thin Left Crank Arm Sensor 8mm
    Solid Mount Transmitter Yes
    Water & Dust Resistance IP66 & IP68 Design
    Batteries CR2032 x 2
    Battery Operating Time 180 hours
    Weight - Crankset and Sensors 687g (Dura-Ace R9100 Drive & Left Side)
    Weight - Sensors only 66g
    Sensor Dimensions -right (W x H x D) mm 58.3 × 46.1 × 21.3
    Sensor Dimensions -left (W x H x D) mm 89.5 × 34.7 × 7.15
    Operational Temperature Range -10 to 50°C
    Parts and Labor Warranty 2 Years
    Accessories Magnets (Patch type x 2), Magnet Spacer x 2, Batteries x 2, User’s Manual