Ergon GP1 BioKork Grip Set


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Combining ergonomics, function, and sustainability, the GP1 BioKork has is a top-rated grip and a consumer favorite. The grip is made from 40% cork, sourced from sustainable forests in Portugal. This green, sustainable theme is echoed throughout the complete construction of the grip with an inner core made of a reinforced plastic utilizing natural fibers which makes up 20% of its mass. (Carbon bar compatible).

  • Problem: Excessive pressure on the sensitive areas of the hands result in numb fingers.
    Solution: With an anatomically optimized design, Ergon grips offer 100% contact with the hand surface area, versus traditional round grips, that offer only 60% contact.
  • Problem: Excessive curvature of the wrist leads to undesired kinks in the carpal tunnel nerve. This results in a burning pain in the hand or forearm.
    Solution: By correcting the hand position, the carpal tunnel nerve is relieved and pain is eliminated.
  • Since hand sizes vary from person to person, the GP Series and GS Series grips are offered in two sizes; Small and Large.
    These sizes refer to the gripping circumference. The Large size is a thicker grip, and the Small is a thinner grip. Two size options offer better hand closure around the grip surface. These size differences have a direct impact on the overall handling of the bike, as well as comfort.
  • Adapted Grips for Various Shifters.
  • Use: Mountain Bike, Touring, Commuting
  • Clamp: Cold Forged Aluminium – 100% Recyclable

Large: Glove Size 8.5" - 10.5" (XL-XXL) 102mm Hand Circumference
Small: Glove Size: 6.5" - 8.5" (XS-L) 92mm Hand Circumference
Regular/Trigger Shifters: Both Grips are Long
Gripshift®/Dual Twist Shifters: Both Grips are Shortened
Rohloff/ Nexus/XX1/Single Twist Shifters: Right Grip is Shortened, Left Grip is Long