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    At GovVelo, we offer legendary Eddy Merckx bikes for sale. If you’re looking for performance-minded bikes with a rich legacy, you’ll find what you’re looking for amongst our curated selection of bikes. We also offer hassle-free shipping anywhere in the country.  

    The exquisite geometry present on each Eddy Merckx bikes gives you power, under control. Whether you enjoy tearing it up off-road, on gravel, or on your favorite road circuits, our Eddy Merckx bikes for sale deliver precisely what you need. The Eddy Merckx 525 AG2R is one of the most balanced bikes the brand currently offers, and you can find it used by some of the top competitors in the field of competitive cycling. But if you’re a fan of gravel paths, the Strassbourg models we carry are tremendous at absorbing excess shock and providing an exceedingly smooth ride.  

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